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Buy PUBGM UC & FF Diamonds directly from eSewa App

Good new for PUBG Mobile and Free Fire players in Nepal. Now you can top-up your account directly from eSewa app.

If you go to any PUBG Mobile or Free Fire group in Facebook and post that you need UC, Diamonds, many people will comment saying inbox, contact him, even mention pages. And around 50% of them are scammers who will just taken your money and block you. It’s difficult to believe a random guy on the internet who says, send me money and I will top-up your account. Sometime we have even seen people losing their game ID due to sharing their login details with other.

Excited to buy PUBG Mobile UC & Free Fire Diamonds from eSewa app? Benefit of buying directly from eSewa app is that you don’t have to worry about being scammed and you just need to give your Player ID. Click here to go to eSewa page to buy now

How to buy?

  1. Open eSewa app (Download if you don’t have)
  2. Click on the search button (🔍)
  3. Search for “NepCent Digital Store“.
  4. Click on the first option (Selecting 2nd option will take you to NepCent’s website)
  5. Now you can select PUBG or Free Fire from this page.
  6. Select the amount you want to top-up from “Denomination“.
  7. Now enter your Player ID from PUBG or Free Fire.
  8. Then enter your Player Name as it from the game.
  9. Now enter your Mobile Number where you want to receive your order status.
  10. After that enter your Email ID.
  11. Finally click on “PROCEED” and “CONFIRM” your order.

After you have placed the order you can contact them through their Facebook Page or live chat on their website about your order if you want it to be processed fast though they complete the order within 15 Minutes – 24 Hours on rare case.