Digital Gold now in Nepal

Digital Gold is now available in Nepal

Do you know that Digital Gold is available in Nepal?

I came to know about Digital Gold back in 2019 when I had a PayTM (Indian friends account & money) on my mobile. I was impressed when I came to know about it and invested like 100 INR (forgot the exact amount) and it was easy and exciting. Then I wrote a post on IT Entrepreneur of Nepal, regarding it so others would also know and just today (04/19/2022), I came to know that an App in Nepal has also started providing a similar service in Nepal.

What is Digital Gold?

Digital gold is this amazing idea of investing in gold digitally. You can use your mobile phone to invest in Digital Gold anytime you want. You can invest as little as Rs500.

Advantages of Digital Gold:-

  1. It takes just a few minutes to buy or sell digital gold
  2. You can invest in digital gold for just Rs500
  3. There is no storage cost for the gold you buy
  4. You get a bill that guarantees your purchase
  5. You can have a real-time market price of gold for buying and selling both

Disadvantages of Digital Gold:-

  1. There is no regulator for digital gold to check the quantity and purity of the gold which was purchased under your name.
  2. There is a limit on the investment period, you can’t keep the digital gold as it is. You will have to pay some charges with the time if the company through which you purchased decided to charge.
  3. There is a fee involved while buying the gold digitally. In this context, it’s Rs15 per purchase.


The digital gold I’m talking about is introduced by an app called “YOPO SUPER APP“. As per my research the app was launched in late 2021 & currently has more than 1000+ installs on Google Play Store with 17 reviews. They currently have app only like IME Pay, no web version. And they haven’t provided much details about their company, app on Google Play Store, their social medias and also their website. Please do read their Terms before using their service. Besides digital gold, their are lots of features on their app like Food, Courier, Ride Sharing but they are on development.

How to invest in Digital Gold?

Please do read their Terms and FAQ before buying the digital gold also know as “YOPO GOLD“. You can also contact them for more information, 9823711076. This article is not sponsored by them, I wish it was…

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So let’s get to the part where you can actually invest! Follow below steps to learn how to:-

  1. Go to play store and download this page – YOPO SUPER APP
  2. Now open the app and register an account
  3. Once you are inside the app, look at the top left corner for Gold and click on it.
  4. Now you will be taken to a new screen, from there select the amount in Rs or Gram you want to invest and then click on “PROCEED“.
  5. Now you will see a new screen, from there choose “m-Banking” as payment method and click “BUY GOLD“.
  6. After that, select your bank through which you want to pay and make the payment
  7. After making payment scroll down and click on “Back”, and now you have finally bought your first digital gold.

Isn’t that easy-peasy? So gonna try? Let me know what you think in the comments below!