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The world is changing , and the way we work and earn for our living is also changing day by day. Now a days people are earning thousands of $ every day just by sitting in their home. Using their laptop, mobile phones, tablets etc. You can also earn money just by sitting in your home. So today we are going to tell you some of the tricks , techniques using which you can also earn hundreds of $ every day.

How you can earn by sitting in your home in Nepal ?

The answer is online jobs. Yes , you could earn hundreds of $ every single day if you use the techniques we are going to tell you today. Then we are dam sure you could earn like other people are earning . Your first step to earn unlimited money being your own BOSS at your own home. So let’s get started and learn some tricks, how you can earn by doing online jobs in Nepal.

  • For whom are these jobs ?
  • Are you unemployed ?
  • Are you looking for job which can be done from home ?
  • Do you want to earn extra money by utilizing your time ?
  • Is there internet connection at your house ?
  • Do you have your own laptop & mobile ?
  • How to earn then ?

There are many ways to earn but today we have collected some of the easiest ways. So lets get started :-

1- Blogging

Simply, blogging means making a website about a particular topic and making articles related to that topic on regular basis. Now a days it is very very simple to start own blog and earning from it.

You can earn unexpected money just by blogging. There are some people in Nepal also who are earning a lot from blogging. You can also check some of the popular blog in Nepal. Like or Their one day earning is above $40. This is the easiest way but takes some time. You must have patient.

2- YouTube

Earning from YouTube is one of the easiest way to earn money online in Nepal. Make a YouTube channel today and upload videos about those things in which you are good at. Once you reach 1K Subscribes and 4000 Hours of watch time in your channel then you can monetize your channel and start earning from your channel by adding ads through Adsense.

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You can also earn money by sponsoring others videos and etc, once your channel is grown. You can also earn from your YouTube channel by adding your affiliate links in your videos and telling your audience to buy good quality products through your affiliate link.

3-Affiliate Marketing

Source : iStock

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular way to earn money online now a days. Simply affiliate marketing means you will advertise someone products and you will be provided a link by the owner of the product and if someone buy’s that product by your affiliate link then on every sale you make you will earn from 2-10% commission.

Like if you sell product worth of Rs10,000 to 10 people then you sold products of all total Rs1,00,000 and if you earn 10% commission from every sales then you will earn Rs10,000. You see this is very easy. Now a days some blogger are making more than $30,000 per month only from affiliate marketing.

You can do affiliate marketing everywhere, like if you have a blog then you can include your affiliate link in your blog and can write about those products and includes affiliate link at the bottom with the text “Use this link to get 10% discount” and you will get more clicks. You can also share your affiliate link in your YouTube channel and in your Facebook pages and profile as well telling your friends and followers to use your link and buy those products.

4- Online vacancy websites

Source : iStock

Nowadays there are many vacancy websites in Nepal, which post different types of jobs everyday. Everyday many company and individuals post different types of jobs there.

You can contact those persons who have posted the jobs there. Some jobs are online some are not. You can search what types of jobs you are searching for in those website and start working from your home.

Some popular job posting websites in Nepal are listed below :-

So these we some of the techniques using which you can earn money online by sitting in home in Nepal. Hope you liked it…

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