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Fonepay & eSewa: Payment Ambiguity

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Hello everybody, it has been a while since I last wrote about anything! Today I’m here with something new, due to my recent experience with eSewa & Fonepay, I decided to write this article!

You probably know what eSewa is, but not everyone knows what Fonepay is! Fonepay is one of the Payment System Operators (PSO) licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank in 2076/10/26. Till today there are 10 PSO in Nepal!

What does Fonepay do?

Fonepay offers a range of services to UsersBusinessesBFIS & Partners. Users refer to the general public, Businesses include merchants who use Fonepay QR or Web Integration to accept payment from users, BFIS refers to Banking and Financial Institutions licensed by NRB, and Partners include VISA, UnionPay & PSPs such as eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay, etc, who have joined Fonepay’s network. Fonepay helps connect all four parties and facilitates secure payments between them!

According to Fonepay’s website: “Fonepay facilitates safe & secure mobile payments by connecting customers, banks and merchants in an interoperable network.

So let’s talk about my recent incedent with Fonepay & eSewa. And did I forgot to mention that, this article is mainly focused to merchants using Fonepay to accept payment for their business!

So the story goes like this:

On Feb 4, I made 2 payment via eSewa to a bakery shop which was using Fonepay QR to accept payments. According to Fonepay the name of the shop is “HOT BUNS BAKERY“. And I paid Rs265 & Rs100. I thought I had to pay just Rs265 but the bill was of Rs365 due to which I had to make the 2nd payment of Rs100…

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I had previously made payment to that shop scanning that very QR code multiples times over the year and never encountered any issues, & BTW I mainly use Khalti when scanning Fonepay QR but that day I had some money on my eSewa & decided to use that money!

After I made the payment, I showed the payment confirmation page to the shop owner and went home! Later that day I noticed that the payment was showing that it went into Ambiguous state. And then I knew, it will 100% return into my wallet again cause I hade face similar issue few months ago which is the main reason of writing this article today!

Money deducted & credited back on eSewa!

Just yesterday on 13th Feb, the money was credited back into my wallet. And the merchant/shop owner whom I paid the money have no idea about this! 

Few months ago also when similar thing happened, at that time I had no idea about this. Only came to know about it, when someone from Fonepay or eSewa Idk who it was called me and told me that the money was credited back to my account & I have to contact the merchant & pay them again! Now tell me, is it good? For both merchant & user.


After few days I will be going back to that bakery, and pay them the money I owe them in cash & gonna tell them to remove that QR right away! Cause I don’t know if they know about this issue by now, and I’m sure they have already lost money multiples times due to this!

This was the 2nd time I faced this issue. And I’m user others have also faced similar issue. What if someone founds this and tries to misuse it? Who will take responsibilities? Fonepay? eSewa? or someone else? I don’t have much time going through their ToS, etc & find it out! But what I know is whose mistake is here! 

So are you using Fonepay for your business?

If you are using, make sure that the money is actually deducted and the transaction is also successful, if it’s into Ambiguous state then you are f…..

So this much for today! Will be back after few months or idk when, but if you have anything in mind, let me know, whatever it’s!