Making the Choice Hamro Gifts or Not NepaliMind

Making the Choice: Hamro Gifts or Not?

Today, I saw a gif banner ad on Hamro Patro website which triggered me to write this article. I will be focusing mainly on “Hamro Gifts“.

What is Hamro Gifts?

Hamro Gifts is a product of Hamro Patro, an Online Gift Service website. They help Nepalese living abroad buy gifts for their friends and family living in Nepal and deliver them to their doorstep… Isn’t it cool?

I was thinking of making this article small, but looks like I will be doing good research tomorrow!

I have known about this product for a few years now, but never cared much cause I’m not in foreign to send any gifts to anybody, it would be insane if I gifted myself something from there 🙂😬…

The main purpose of this article (mainly for people living abroad) why not to use Hamro Gifts.

Let me get to the point, if anyone is thinking of using Hamro Gifts, if you don’t care about the money, then you should go for it. But if you are like most of my audience who just want to make money, save money. Then I would suggest you not to use it. Btw there isn’t a similar alternative as well. All of them are just expensive, but there is no alternative, which I will get later in the article (technically not alternative, but still it’s better).

How expensive is Hamro Gifts?

It’s expensive. And I will show you how much expensive it is. For this let’s do some price comparison and currency conversion as well…

Recently Hamro Gifts partnered with a KFC branch in Nepal so that people living in foreign can easily order KFC for their loved on in Nepal. Check the price comparison of KFC:

WebsiteItem NamePrice
Hamro GiftsCHICKEN BUCKETS (8 pcs)$16.99
KFC WebsiteCHICKEN BUCKETS (8 pcs)NRS 1850

Check the above price, $16.99 + $2.99 as shipping charges. That’s $19.98 in total. Which is Rs2618 (Rs131.06 / $) as per today’s $ exchange rate. You are paying Rs768 more when ordering from Hamro Patro, that’s crazy guys…

Let’s compare something else too:

Have you ever heard of White Rabbit Chocolate? It’s too sweet 🤤😋😋. Let’s compare its price…

WebsiteItem NamePrice
Hamro GiftsWhite Rabbit Creamy Candy$8.99
DarazWhite Rabbit Creamy CandyRs700

Check the above price, $8.99 + $2.99 as shipping charges. That’s $11.98 in total. Which is Rs1570 (Rs131.06 / $) as per today’s $ exchange rate. You are paying Rs870 more when ordering from Hamro Patro, Jesus guys… If anyone is thinking of ordering too many items from this site, it’s an absolute disaster…

What’s the alternative then?

As I talked about alternatives above, actually there are few to this problem. And I have listed them below:

  • Remittance – You heard me right, you can send money to your loved ones directly and they can purchase whatever they want. They will receive the exact amount you send, with no shipping fees 😂. I know, the whole point is sending a gift (I will get to this part in another point) rather than money, but the point is also about saving money, isn’t it? Anyone reading this article from foreign, why are you there? Earn money, isn’t it?
  • Use shopping sites – So another alternative is using different shopping sites in Nepal. You can use websites like Daraz, Sastodeal, etc to purchase anything and it will get delivered to whomever you are sending it. All these sites have Visa/MasterCard payment gateway enabled, and you can easily use your card there to pay.
  • Friends/Family – This one’s an old way, kinda similar to the first alternative. Send money to your brother and ask him to buy something for your sister so it will be a surprise, and ask your sister to buy something for your brother. Problem solved 😂…

By the way, you can use any of the below websites to send money to Nepal which the recipient will receive within a few minutes…

I won’t be suggesting sites similar to Hamro Gifts, cause all of them are expensive, so it’s just not worth it. But, once you are in foreign, earning good money, and having more purchasing power, I don’t think, these few dollars would matter to anyone living they. Honestly, I don’t know, but if someone is using these types of sites, I would suggest they use alternatives.