Menzz - The only online shopping destination every man will need!

Menzz – The only online shopping destination every man will need!

Menzz” is an exclusive marketplace for products, services that satisfy the grooming needs of men. It is a platform for authentic personal grooming tips and knowledge for enhancing men’s overall personality. A simple-looking man, or someone who is well dressed, groomed with a nice hairstyle, and has a handsome moustache, every man aspires to be one. Back in the day, men took care of themselves. They shaved with a straight razor, trimmed their hair with scissors, and made sure their clothes fit. Nowadays, we’re too busy to do it. So, we don’t pay attention to our self-care. It is easier to ignore than to accept that men need care too. We all want our easy way out of everything. We all want easily accessible products, services on a single platform to save time and that’s what Menzz is. The reason Menzz was started is to make a difference. They’re from Nepal, and as natives of a country where men’s grooming is still at its nascent stage. Many men don’t have the resources or information they need for proper self-care. 

As women have worked for decades to break down barriers and become equals in the workplace and beyond, great strides have been made in advancing women’s causes and causes that are important to women. But the same thing hasn’t happened for men—and it’s time for that to change. The men’s online shopping market in Nepal is still an unexplored domain. While most online shopping sites have been focusing on the female category, Menzz is the first to target the male section. It is said that the future is unpredictable. However, it does not mean that we cannot prepare and make plans for it. Having plans motivates us and guides us all along. And Menzz plans to be the destination for every man, to guide them to break the stereotype of societal norms.

Menzz was founded on the belief that all men should have access to products and information that will help them live more confidently, comfortably, and healthfully every day. They shouldn’t have to pay a fortune or spend hours researching online to find what they need—which is why Menzz does the work and delivers everything right to your doors.

It was started with one goal in mind: to help men feel empowered by their grooming. They want to empower Nepalese men to be the best versions of themselves. By providing them with resources and opportunities they couldn’t access before. With their range of products and personal services, you’ll get everything you need. Menzz hopes to be able to make a difference in the lives of many Nepalese men, and it’s their sincerest wish that they will be able to help you on your self-grooming journey.

I hope you’ll join Menzz on this journey. Because when men live happier, healthier lives, everyone benefits. To support Menzz, please visit their social media platforms below: