WordPress rules about logo & trademark that you must follow

You know that WordPress powers nearly 33% of the world’s websites. Millions of people use WordPress to run their blog/ e-commerce site/ business site & many more. It is a non- profit organization & is a open-source project.

Here are some of the rules regarding WordPress Logo & Trademark that you must follow, otherwise you may get into problems.


1. Never use WordPress in your domain

WordPress is a registered trademark owned by WordPress.org. Due to this reason you can’t use WordPress in your domain, otherwise it can be claimed by WordPress.org and you may loose your domain.

You may also have seen may website on the internet who use term like wp in beginning of their domain, because they can’t use WordPress… So our suggestion to you is that never register domain with name WordPress…

  • WordPressTheme.com ❌
  • wptheme.com ✔️

2. Always write capital P in WordPress

You should write capital P in the word WordPress, if you don’t follow this rule then you may get into problem. WordPress community take this very seriously.

You know that in 2010 AD WordPress used a filter in WordPress, if you write small p in WordPress then it automatically underlines the words WordPress to tell you that you have used wrong spelling.

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3. Affiliation & Enforcement

  • Never use WordPress logo as your own logo.
  • You should write ‘Powered by WordPress’ in your website, you can’t say like ‘Recommended by WordPress’.
  • If you are launching any product and want to do its promotion, then you can’t use WordPress logo in it…

If you didn’t follow these policies then you may get into legal problems, so we recommend you not to do so…

4. WordPress logo

You know that the WordPress official logo has large W in the middle of the logo. But you may have seen may logo which has small w in it , like this :-

As told by WordPress the logo with small w is the wrong and not official logo of WordPress Foundation. WordPress officially tells you to use the official logos if you ever think of using WordPress logo in your blog post.

You can find the official logo of WordPress from here : https://wordpress.org/about/logos

You can check WordPress Trademarks Policy from here :- http://wordpressfoundation.org/trademark-policy

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