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Swagat Gyawali – A Journey from being an Introvert, to a successful Content Creator

Swagat Gyawali is an educational YouTube content creator who has gained a reputation for being honest, relatable, and informative. He creates videos on a wide range of topics, from personal finances, to business case studies, and is known for their ability to make complex ideas easy to understand.

One of the things that set Swagat Gyawali apart is his honesty and authenticity. He doesn’t shy away from sharing his own experiences and struggles, and this relatability helps to make his videos more engaging and relatable. He also takes the time to research and fact-check their content, ensuring that their viewers are getting accurate and reliable information.

Nepali Mind got a chance to catch up with Swagat and talk about his journey.

  1. How would you define yourself?
    Well, if I have to define myself, I think I am a calm and positive person who loves to work hard to make a positive impact in my own life and others’ lives.
  2. What led you to start creating Youtube videos?
    There’s a long story behind this. But long story short, I still remember, there was a day when I simply searched for a few topics on Youtube and found out there were not enough relevant videos about the topic in the Nepali language. In that instance, I felt like, if nobody is contributing, I should. Because, why not? So apart from being an introverted guy who doesn’t love to speak in public, I started making videos. I started with the useful topics that I was experienced with, and all of them turned out to be a game changer for me. The first video I created about Freelancing just blew up. And I started getting more and more comments that I should make videos on this topic, on that topic, and so on. Literally, the comment section used to be full of various topic suggestions. Because, when I started, there were very few creators in the Nepali Youtube community and the audience was thriving for some genuine content. So yeah, I would say, it was a completely unplanned thing for me in the beginning, but today, it has been something that I’m super proud of. I just love my Youtube journey so far.
  3. What are the pros and cons of becoming a Content Creator?
    As they say, “Every game has two sides”. I’ve been creating video content for two years now. And I think it has many pros, we also cannot deny the fact that it has a few cons as well. When I think of the pros, the first thing that strikes my mind is FREEDOM. Nobody can force you to do anything. It’s just you and only you who decide all the plans for yourself and your content. Where else can you get all these leverages? The other crucial pros of being a content creator are many people look up to you, learn from you, and are inspired by you. The unconditional love and affection they provide are absolutely pleasing for any content creator and are also a motivating factor for us. The next one is an opportunity to create a network with great companies and great people. I could go on and on with the pros, there are many.

    The cons that I can think of right now is that you need to listen to some harsh comments that a few negative people spreads. Challenging the logic of the content I produce is absolutely fine, but some people challenge me personally. How does that even make sense? Sometimes these comments are really demotivating and heartbreaking, especially in the initial days. The second con is that the income is not stable. Some months you make crazily high amounts, while some months pass away with minimal amounts. That can be really challenging sometimes.
  4. If one thing you could change about YouTube or social media, what would it be?
    I would change/remove the Social Fakeness. When I say fakeness, I mean all the stuff that people post but are not true. You can’t post party things then you end up going home sad or with no joy at all. You can’t post a status about how one can become rich when you yourself are struggling with your finances. What is the point of sharing your fake lifestyle when that’s not actually who you are or how you live? I hope one day we will see a social media community sharing true lifestyles and motivating others through how they actually are.
  5. Do you see social media as living out?
    In all honesty, I don’t see it living out. Most of the time online we consume fake lifestyles, negativity, and drama. It ruins our mental health by making us obsessed with other people’s lifestyles which they flaunt just for clicks. It keeps our minds engaged and away from our own goals and aspirations. I don’t see it playing out well for the long run whatsoever.
  6. Your piece of advice to aspiring youth in the tech field.
    In the past years, things have changed. Nowadays, a college degree might not be as valuable as it previously used to be. So my advice for students or aspiring youths is to focus on gaining as many skills as they can and not waste their valuable time watching movies, or scrolling through TikTok all day long. There’s an enormous opportunity in the tech field. You just need to figure out a way to pull it off in your favor.
  7. What are your further plans?
    Well, I like keeping my plans secret until there is some initial success with the plan. Precisely, the short-term plan is to continue with what I’m doing right now. I have dreamt of producing international-level content in Nepal. There are really few who do this, but we need more of them. And I think Nepalese deserve to watch top-quality content in their native language. Regarding the long-term plans, I think I’ll keep them secret for now.

Rapid Fire

  1. Favorite day of the week?
    Well, there are no days that I don’t like. So for me, all days are the same.
  2. If you could travel back in time, what period would you go to?
    I would love to travel back to my childhood. No Doubt!
  3. Ipo dai or Swagat Gyawali
    I knew this was coming. I prefer to be called by my name ‘Swagat Gyawali’. But I don’t really mind if someone calls me ‘IPO dai’.
  4. A person you would like to go on dinner with?
    Well, if it’s not a dinner date, I’d absolutely love to go on a dinner with Arun Maini (aka MrwhosetheBoss). He has been a great inspiration to me. I’d love to exchange ideas with him regarding content creation and how it is evolving in recent years.
  5. What does a person need to be happy?
    Enough money plus loved ones.
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