Best Honeygain Alternative - Minimum Withdraw $5

Best Honeygain Alternative – Minimum Withdraw $5

Are you an existing Honeygain user? Then I’m sure you don’t like their minimum withdrawal of $20, and I don’t either. I have been using that app for more than 2 years now, and have made withdrawals once only.

Today, I will be sharing an alternative for Honeygain. It works just like Honeygain, but it has a lower withdrawal limit and multiple withdrawal methods.

The app I’m talking about is known as Pawns.App, earlier it was known as IPRoyal Pawns. Currently, they are paying 0.20 USD for every 1 GB shared.

How to increase earnings?

  1. Add multiple devices with unique IP Adress. (You can ask your friends to install the app),
  2. Make sure that you have high internet speed,
  3. Make sure that the location of the devices on which you have installed the app is in countries like the USUKCanada, etc.

Payment methods?

They have multiple payment methods according to different countries:-

  1. PayPal
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Gift Cards of different brands