Comparing Prices Restaurant Menus vs Pathao

Comparing Prices: Restaurant Menus vs Pathao App

Pathao is a popular ride-sharing and delivery service in Bangladesh and Nepal. In addition to transportation, Pathao also offers a food delivery service, allowing users to order food from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered to their doorstep. But have you ever wondered if you’re paying more for the convenience of Pathao Food service? In this article, I’ll compare the prices of various food items on restaurant menus and Pathao app and explore possible reasons for the price difference.

I conducted a survey of a popular restaurants in Kathmandu and compared the prices of their food items on the restaurant menu and Pathao app. Here are some of my findings:

  • At Kwality Cafe a Cheese Pizza (Large) costs Rs370 on the menu, while the same pizza costs Rs407 on the Pathao app. Difference of Rs37
  • At Kwality Cafe a Mutton Biryani costs Rs465 on the menu, while the same biryani costs Rs511 on the Pathao app. Difference of Rs46
  • At Kwality Cafe a Chicken Burger costs Rs205 on the menu, while the same burger costs Rs286 on the Pathao app. Difference of Rs81

Here’s a table comparing the prices of food items on restaurant menus and Pathao app:

RestaurantFood ItemPrice on Menu (NPR)Price on Pathao (NPR)Difference
Kwality CafeFeel Me Up Breakfast595654Rs59
KKFC – New Road4pc Krispy Chicken660820Rs160
Koila Multi-Cuisine Restaurant (Shorakhutte)Chicken Sekuwa(1000gm)9001196Rs296

Possible Reasons for Price Difference

There are several possible reasons for the price difference between restaurant menus and Pathao app. One possible reason is the delivery cost, which is added to the food item’s price on the app. The delivery cost covers the cost of the delivery rider’s service and transportation, which is a necessary expense for Pathao to provide the food delivery service. Additionally, Pathao charges a service fee for its food delivery service, which is also reflected in the price difference.

Benefits of Using Pathao Food Service

Despite the slightly higher prices, Pathao Food service offers several benefits. First and foremost, it’s incredibly convenient. Users can order food from their favorite restaurants without leaving their home or office, saving time and effort. The app’s user-friendly interface and quick delivery also make it an attractive option for busy individuals. Moreover, Pathao Food service offers secure payment methods, so users don’t have to worry about carrying cash, you can easily pay via Khalti.

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In conclusion, Pathao Food service may charge slightly higher prices than the restaurant menu, but it’s still a convenient and beneficial service. The price difference is due to necessary expenses such as delivery costs and service fees. If you value convenience and time-saving, then Pathao Food service is worth considering. I myself have been using Pathao Ride & Pathao Food since 2 years now and have spend more than Rs30K.

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