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Should you get IME Pay’s Virtual and Physical Card?

IME Pay’s Virtual & Physical VISA Card

Hello there, welcome back to my blog once again. Writing an article after weeks. Had no topics to write on but after my recent experience, I wanted to write this article. Today I’m writing about the “Virtual Visa Prepaid Card” & “Physical Visa Card” provided by IME Pay.

IME Pay launched this amazing feature for the first time in Nepal in July 2021. They came with the feature of providing users a “Virtual Card”, which can be used to pay during online shopping. Users can get this virtual card instantly through the IME Pay app if their account is KYC verified.

More about Virtual Cards:

Virtual Cards are created through a mobile app or a website & don’t come with physical cards. They are used for online purchases and are more customizable than your physical card provided by your bank. They can be Prepaid Card (“Virtual Prepaid Card“), Debit Card (“Virtual Debit Card“), or Credit Card (“Virtual Credit Card“).

I don’t know what to write at this point. Still, there is a lot to write.

Writing this article after a week from this link.

So I was talking about Virtual Cards & Physical Cards issued by IME Pay.

More about Physical Card:

A physical Card is a plastic card issued by a bank to its customers. You can use it at an ATM to withdraw money, at PoS, or can use it online. There are 2 types of Physical Card –  Prepaid Card, Debit Card & Virtual Credit Card.

Now you know about IME Pay’s Virtual & Physical Card. Now it’s time to know about their Pros and Cons!

Pros & Cons of Virtual VISA Card:-

It’s free.You can’t use it at the ATM to withdraw money or use it at PoS.
You get Reward points for using it.Reward points are given when used at certain merchants only.
You can use it for domestic payments (Pay in NPR and INR like other cards issued by Nepali banks)It doesn’t support International Transactions (Except INR)
Pros & Cons of Virtual VISA Card by IME Pay

Benefits of Physical VISA Card:-

You can get it instantly, it’s also free, with no yearly charges or any hidden charges.There is no name printed.
Can withdraw the money you have in your IME Pay wallet using ATM (charge may apply)Rs20 will be deducted every time you withdraw money from ATM (First 2 withdraw are free every month)
Use it at PoS (supports Tap & Pay)The care is categorized as a Prepaid card, & some merchants don’t accept prepaid cards ( varies from merchant to merchant)
No age restriction, if your account is KYC Verified then you can get the card.
Pros & Cons of Prepaid VISA Card by IME Pay

So how to get these cards??? For that keep reading the article and you will find out soon!

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How to get the Virtual Card?

  1. The first thing you need is an IME Pay account so if you don’t have one, sign-up now and use this code “CS2740446” at signup to get 100 reward points for free.
  2. The next thing is your account needs to be KYC verified, Click Here to know how to do it.
  3. After this click on “CARD” & now click on “APPLY VISA VIRTUAL CARD” and then follow the steps. Your card will be ready within a few seconds.
  4. Now just click on the 👁 eyes icon to view the card details.

See this video to know more

How to Make Virtual VISA Card in IME Pay – Virtual Card in Nepal

How to get a Physical Card?

The Physical Card was introduced by IME Pay a few weeks ago which means it’s not easy to get. But keep on reading to know how you can get one.

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To get the physical card you need to go to the IME Pay office or from a distributor authorized by IME Pay to distribute those cards. The card is given to the account owner only.

  1. Go to this location – Click Here
  2. Then enter the building of Everest Bank and go to 2nd floor (1 floor above the Everest Bank)
  3. Go to the office on the 2nd floor and ask for an IME Pay Card and they will assist you.

See this video to know more

I explained everything I knew about these cards, now it’s up to you whether you want them or not. I will be writing something again if I get a topic till that time stay tuned or you can suggest me a topic🤷‍♂️

So what are you waiting for guys???

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Ma ni gaye aaba mero IME Pay ko card bata online shopping hanna!